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Oliver Smallwood

Chair of Trustees 

Olly has been involved in Waste Not Want Not Battersea since the beginning, helping with food pick ups, running discussion groups at our 'feast and film' nights, and helped to form the voluntary consituted organisation that eventually became Waste Not Want Not Battersea. 

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Rev. Ruth Turner 

Ruth, a former musician, was ordained in 2009 and is currently a vicar in Abbey Wood, SE London.  Prior to that she worked in Battersea which is where she met Hadas and got involved with WNWNB as a trustee and occasional driver! She is passionate about food waste and loves cooking up creative dishes using bizarre combinations of food.

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Robert Musgrave, MBE 

Robert Musgrave has been a trustee member for over two years, and has worked in the local community for Providence House, a youth charity for 48 years. In 2011 he received the MBE for services to young people. Married with two daughters and a son, Robert is a well known community figure in Battersea, and brings to the trustee board a wealth of local experience. He is also a writer and blogger.

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Katrina Charleston

Katrina is a qualified chartered accountant and works as an Internal Audit Manager for a global logistics company. Previously she worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers in New Zealand, where she is originally from. Katrina found Waste Not Want Not Battersea through LinkUp, a London organisation linking skilled professionals with charities in need. Katrina is also an avid reader and loves rock climbing.


Elizabeth Odonno 

Elizabeth Is a local business owner and has been a key Waste Not Want Not Battersea volunteer for many years, as well as being involved in many other organisations and community projects in Battersea. She has a huge enthusiasm for working with families and young people and has helped us coordinate many WNWNB projects with razor sharp precision. 

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Rob Dakin 

Rob got involved in Waste Not Want Not Battersea when he started helping Hadas with weekly 4am fruit and veg collections at New Covent Garden Market during lockdown. He's is the Broadcast Director for a media company and has been working in the broadcast sector for over 30 years.  Originally from the midlands, he has been living in the Wandsworth area for over 25 years. 

core team 


Hadas Hagos 

Founder & CEO 

Hadas has lived in Battersea for nearly 20 years. She founded Waste Not Want Not Battersea in 2017 out of a love of food and exasperation for seeing perfectly edible and nutritious food going to waste. Hadas also runs The Venue, a community centre, as well as local organisation SpaceMax. 


Theodore Siri

Theodore started volunteering with Waste Not Want Not Battersea during lockdown with his father, and has gone on to work on everything fundraising, tech, media and administration

Executive Assistant

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Philip Dorman

Phil is a youth worker and carenter who volunteers with Waste Not Want Not Battersea as well as local space maximizing charitable organisathon and youth club. 


Amy Merrigan

Amy is from Battersea and got involved with Waste Not Want Not Battersea during the first Covid lockdown, while on furlough. Now working in greener pastures, Amy still does consulting work on fundraising for Waste Noţ Want Not.

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