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Food Sharing

We are a Battersea-based charity dedicated to ensuring that perfectly good, nutritious food is not wasted, and instead channeled for the good of the community (whether it is eaten or it is composted).

We collect surplus food from nearby markets and distribute it through a variety of local community- and youth-centres. We have built relationships with traders in New Covent Garden Market and other local retailers (including well-known brands, specialty food importers, ice cream producers, and more) saving around 750-1,000kg of food from landfill every week. Our food-sharing is inclusive and open to anyone who feels they would benefit from nutritious food and a chance to meet other like-minded waste-free warriors in their local community - nobody has to prove their need to save delicious food from going to waste!

We food-share at the below locations:

Cromwell House Community Hub (SW11 5JA)

Waste Not Want Not Zero Waste Food Hub (9-10 Bramlans Close SW11 2NT)

The Venue Community Centre (SW11 4LD)

For updates on times and locations of food-sharing, see the WhatsApp group!

Ad-Hoc Distributions

We often have surprise deliveries/collections of surplus food which we distribute on an ad-hoc basis from 

9-10 Bramlands Close, SW11 2NT

If you would like to be informed about when this happens, join our WhatsApp broadcast list through this link: 

Emergency Deliveries

We can arrange food deliveries when we receive referrals from other services (such as CAB, GPs, Wandsworth Adult Social Services, Schools, and other Food Banks) or when food is needed urgently.

Disclaimer: This service relies exclusively on volunteer availability who is able to deliver when the recipient cannot attend a food-sharing session (detailed above) 

Referrals need to include an address, a contact number, and a full name. 

Get in touch for more information!


Text 07477660692 (please only text)

Zero-Waste Catering

As part of our endeavor to support the work we do, we have set up a catering offering called 'Surplus Delicious' where we cater for events, to be able to raise vital income to run our Zero Waste Food Hub, to cover overheads, and to pay for some core staffing needs. 

For inquiries about catering for weddings, events, street parties, or even meetings, please get in touch!

Please make the email subject 'Catering Inquiry'. 

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